Ballet Department - ages 8 and up

Classical ballet technique taught for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Ballet students ages 10 and up are encouraged to take more than one ballet class per week.

Ballet Company - ages 8 and up

All ballet students ages 8 and up may become a member of the ballet company. A yearly membership fee is required. The fee covers audition and extra rehearsal time required for quality company performances.

Jazz & Tap Departments - ages 8 and up

Classes include a broad range of different styles and the newest dance music for children and young adults.

Contemporary Department - ages 10 and up

Contemporary is a dance form that utilizes strong ballet and jazz technique but focuses on emotional
expression and freedom in the body. In contemporary, we draw upon modern, pop, and R&B sensibilities to tell a story in a more theatrical manner than classical ballet.

Hip Hop Department - ages 10 and up

HipHop is an urban fusion of jazz and contemporary dance genres. It is unique in that it allows dances to
perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. Classes are offered for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level student.

Lilliputian Department

A carefully graded curriculum is taught to develop techniques needed for the more demanding program that begins at age 8.

Pre-Ballet: ages 3-7

Pre-Tap: ages 5-7

Pre-Jazz: ages 6-7

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